At Made By Munsters, we have an in-depth design process that will help your company achieve its goals. Based in Indianapolis, Ind. and Chicago, Ill., we work with agencies, startups, and businesses of all sizes to create brands that stand apart and make an impact. Extensive brainstorming and research go into each project to create aesthetically pleasing work mixed with the best possible solutions.

Branding is the first thing customers see. It's what your audience recognizes and has the company image connected to it. Your branding is the identifiable existence of your company, lasting longer than any designed advertising, product UI, marketing campaign, or website. If you want to build up an established company with a presence, your brand design isn’t something that should change frequently. The branding process shouldn’t be rushed through or thrown together.

If you need branding for a new company, or to rebrand an existing entity, name generation is an important place to start. Think through your brand name from a variety of angles. Successful branding can be incredibly influential and should set you apart from the competition. Combined with a quality product, a brand name and reputation can often times influence a purchase by the consumer.

When brainstorming possible company names, there are several questions to answer.

What is your business inspired by?

Choosing a name can be difficult. You can start generating ideas and brainstorm potential options, beginning with words that are associated with your business, services, products, feelings, and so fourth. Consider how your company is represented and create associated word lists. Using a thesaurus, online charts, or word generators such as word associations, semantic link, one look, or rhyme zone can assist in the brainstorming process.

Will customers remember it?

Recognizable brands with good reputations can rule an area of an industry. Having a memorable name is important. Whether the brand name is made up and you have to teach it to the audience, or consists of common words or names, make sure your audience can retain it. If the brand is recognizable and easy to remember, consumers will find the company more credible and may have your business in mind when they need those services.

Does the new company name represent your company well and reach your audience?

The company name should represent your business and reach your targeted audience. Consider your audience, product, pricing, and services as you’re deciding on a brand direction and thinking through names.

Does the name allow for room to grow your business?

If you’re starting small but have an expanded view with multiple services when looking at the big picture for your company's future, make sure you leave enough room to grow. If your company starts by selling drinks, but moves into selling food, don’t restrict growth for reaching potential customers by naming your business something such as, “Horchata Drink Shop.”

Is your company name unique and available?

Check to make sure your potential name is available and legal to use. Even if your name idea seems perfect, it might be taken, and you’ll have to brainstorm and explore to discover available names.

Here are some helpful questions to answer when beginning the company naming process:

Brand Development Questionnaire: Questions about the business/company and design direction

  • What is your business?

  • What products and services does it offer?

  • What is the mission statement of your company?

  • What are your business values?

  • Who are your main competitors?

  • How does your company stand out or differ from other companies?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Who is your ideal customer?

  • What problem do you solve and how does your product benefit the customer?

  • How do you want to portray your company? What image do you want to project?

  • Please share at least three links of branding/logos that inspire you. What did you like about each?

  • Describe the desired look/feel for your brand?

  • Do you have any other information, comments or requests that need to be considered?

Brand Development Questionnaire: Questions to assist in brainstorming the company name

  • Where do you find your company name inspiration? (current branding, animals, food items, services, locations, objects, terms, etc.)

  • Based on the answer above, what are some company name ideas that come to mind?

  • Do any of those names represent your company? If so, which ones?

  • Of those names, which are most memorable?

  • Are any of those names available? If so, which names?

  • Do any of the names have any negative connotations? (rule out names that are negative, offensive, or inappropriate for your company)

  • Are you open to exploring foreign or non-traditional names (example: Instagram, Google, Zillow, Le Peep, etc.)?

  • Do you have any other information, comments or requests that need to be considered?

Next: Market, market, market!

Once you have your name and the awesome branding materials have been created, don’t keep them to yourself. When launching any new design, make sure to promote, share, and market to get the word out. You want to show it off and let the world see.

In short, on the journey to discovering a new company name, brainstorm, explore, and evaluate your options to fire up ideas. Consider the above questions and information to generate an abundance of potential company names for a successful start.

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