I started with Made By Munsters in the beginning of January 2017. I’m currently enrolled in the University of Florida Web Design and Online Communication Master’s program, which is a completely virtual program. We have the opportunity to get an internship to receive credits for class. I was looking to get experience in Front-End Development when I came across Made By Munsters on a remote job site. I was impressed with the layout and cleanliness of their website, as well as the work they have done.

Starting a job anywhere is difficult, but even more difficult when you don’t go into work to see your team every day. Luckily, MBM made the transition easier by utilizing the best tools for communication and project management. Those tools have helped me develop these three skills that are important for successfully working remotely:

  • Discipline
  • Communication
  • Motivation

Getting the work done in a timely manner is important and no one is physically around to make sure that you are doing it. I find that I work best when I make lists and set a timer to complete each task. Doing this allows me to set achievable deadlines for myself and create a daily workflow that works for me.


Communicating and asking questions is extremely important as well; otherwise you may find yourself feeling like you’re on an island. As an intern, I still have a lot to learn and like to ask a lot of questions. We communicate using Slack, which allows me to reach out to the team as a whole or individually via message, videoconference or phone call. We also use ScreenHero for pairing which allows another person to be able to see what I am doing on my computer. This is extremely beneficial when I need guidance with coding.


One of the benefits of working in an office building is that when you get to work, you’re in your work environment. The benefit of working remote is that you don’t need to leave for work. I have found that it’s important to find what will put my mind into “work-mode” and get me motivated. For example, I always have my headphones in and hide anything on my computer that would easily distract me. I have a desk that I frequently work at but sometimes I find myself needing to get out of the house. I take my laptop and headphones and can go anywhere with wi-fi, even outside (I do live in Florida)!

In conclusion, being a remote intern for Made By Munsters has been an excellent learning experience that I’m extremely grateful for. Staying motivated, being disciplined, communicating and asking questions are the keys to success, staying focused, and accomplishing the tasks that are assigned.

Most importantly – working from home is really convenient; just make sure to leave your house!

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