I have always been a person looking to find my place within the development community. I am a fan of meetups and I am a big supporter of the meetup community in Tulsa, Okla. However, when it comes to a direct community around one specific language, Tulsa falls short. Especially for the technologies that I work with on a daily basis. This needs to change.

With the help of Made By Munsters and 36 Degrees North, TulsaJS is back.

What was once an over lunch meetup, will now be changed into a monthly meeting that features a 2 hour session and discussion of all things Javascript. Whether your interests are in IoT (Internet of Things), web, or even mobile, this meetup will have something for everyone.

Need help starting a meetup?

Starting the TulsaJS user group was not without it's challenges. Here is a little insight into the tasks I need complete to revive it. Hopefully they will help you if you are planning on starting a meetup.

First I needed to contact the original organizer. In my case, this event already had social media accounts and a website. Fearing I might cause confusion, I thought it was best to continue to use these accounts. I also wanted to make sure I had access to all past members.

To complete this task, I simply reached out to the past organizer. He was more than happy to meetup and share this information with me.

Next, before I was able to accept members, I needed to find a place for TulsaJS to call home. This is where Tulsa shines as 36 Degrees North has just opened up and is welcoming user groups of all kinds to their building.

After a venue we needed a site, newsletter, social presence, and some form of aggregator to handle members. For the site I choose to eat my own dog food as they say. I built it on Javascript technologies such as AngularJS and Node and is all open sourced. The newsletter utilizes SendGrid, and with the members management meetup fit all the needs for handling RSVP, member notifications, forums, photos, and all additional info we need the group to access to. Refreshments and food has been kindly sponsored by Made by Munsters.

The last task and one that will be an ongoing challenge, is finding speakers for these events. We are seeking to cover a wide variety of topics and are utilizing web forums and local development studios to find speakers for each event. If you are interested in speaking please don't hesitate to reach out.

If you are looking to start a Meetup/user group in your area, I say go for it! It's not without hard work and time spent, but it helps better the community.

It provides new members to the community a place to learn and grow and gives current members a place to mentor and test their skills. You don't have to be a expert to show or train someone in a technology. Especially with this ever changing environment. If you understand the core foundational aspects then you have the knowledge to help someone learn in grow in that technology.

Javascript is a language featured on nearly every devise and used in almost every web stack. I couldn't be more excited to help Tulsa expand its knowledge of this fantastic language.

We look forward to seeing you at our first event.

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