Our Task

We were hired to assist the Betterpress team with designing a platform centered around content creation and content sharing.

Betterpress' focus on content differentiated them from other products in this current marketplace. By giving breweries a place to publish offers, events and news, Betterpress allowed consumers one consolidated place to engage with the San Diego brewing industry.

Our intent was to focus on this aspect. Give users one stream of content, centrally located and easily accessible from all modern devices.

  • • User Experience Design
  • • User Interface Design
  • • Front-end Development
  • Product Image
  • Product Image

Our Approach

As data-driven designers, our first step was to study the current trends in the marketplace. We then talked to a few breweries to learn about what drives them to create content and share that content with users. These were crucial first steps because this was a domain we didn't know too much about. Creating content for breweries that is. We know plenty about beer.

Once we had a good understanding of the market and our content creators, we got to work sketching and mocking up a few basic layouts. With these in hand, we took to the streets to get feedback. Having potential users test our potential ideas helped us remove unneeded features and add details we overlooked.

This simple approach to user testing gave us the data we needed to build a high-quality product for day one.

  • • Sketch
  • • Bootstrap Framework
  • • HTML5 / Sass

Results And Outcome

In addition to designing and building a responsive web application, we helped Betterpress by creating customized designs for both iOS and Android applications.

As Betterpress continues to develop and scale, we are working with their developers to integrate new features and enhance existing usability issues.

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