Our Task

As one of the leading voices in the sports news industry, ESPN always looks for new ways to engage its fan base. Through the use of long-form journalism, videos and interactive games, ESPN has built a web presence that is content-rich and engaging week-to-week and for major sporting events.

And with the Rio games approaching, ESPN wanted to push its content interaction and user engagement to new levels. And so Build Your Own Dream Team was born.

With all the talk about the original Olympic Dream Team and its success, ESPN wondered who from the current NBA would - statistically speaking - makeup the modern day Dream Team.

  • • User Experience Design
  • • Front-End Development
  • • Algorithm Development
  • Product Image
  • Product Image
  • Product Image

Our Approach

ESPN's website, similar to most news organizations, is powered by a content management system. Knowing we would not have access to the CMS, our first step was to create a sandbox environment that mirrored ESPN's live site. Additionally, we needed to create a custom deployment task that would bundle up our final project files and allow ESPN's team to simply upload the files to their system without hassle.

With that step completed, we created a custom algorithm that checked each player in a user's starting five, assigned them a score and finally calculated the team's total score. Furthermore, we spent a great deal of time exploring the best user experience for selecting a Dream Team. Because basketball teams are generally made up of two guards and a combination of centers / forwards, we needed to put some restrictions on what players were available based on what players were already selected. This made the selection process a bit tougher on users. It wasn't a free for all. They had to create a realistic team. This process gave the application the real-world feel ESPN was hoping to produce.

The last step in our development process was to optimize the micro-interactions of selecting players, toggling through the list of players and revealing the final score as mobile friendly as possible.

  • • HTML5 / Sass
  • • Javascript
  • • GulpJS
“What’s great about MBM is you don’t just get one or two developers punching a clock; you get an entire team of creative minds, eager to help you build something original. Whenever I need some serious help, I think of these guys first.”
Titus Smith
Titus Smith

Designer at ESPN

Results And Outcome

Build Your Own Dream Team saw some of the highest traffic on ESPN's website. In the short time it was featured on the main page, it saw over one million unique page views.

Additionally, the product was purposefully built with a flexible logic framework to support ESPN’s future plans to apply the application’s skeleton to efficiently build dream team apps for various sports.

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