Our Task

Made By Munsters worked with a client to design an internal application for managing hundreds of thousands of unique phone numbers used on various partnership websites.

The application, Fuse, is centered around the idea of efficient database management. One of our client's greatest strengths is its ability to collect user data and provide assistance to those who need it. This is all done without a user having to ask for help.

The problem, however, was that our client did not have a sufficient way of managing the assets needed to collect a user's information, ensuring partner websites had access to the right assets and removing assets that were being abused. This is where we stepped in.

  • • Inception Workshop
  • • User Experience Design
  • • User Interface Design
  • • Component Library
  • Product Image
  • Product Image
  • Product Image

Our Approach

Our first step in solving this problem was to host an inception workshop. We helped the Fuse team establish user personas, create task flows and define the application's basic feature set.

Next, we created basic wireframes to establish the application's structure. Then we tested those wireframes with real-world users. Making an application simple and straightforward doesn't happen overnight. That's why we iterate and test our assumptions, as we did for Fuse.

Lastly, we created a design system for Fuse. This came in the form of a living style guide. By doing this, we helped the Fuse team create reusable components, define type sizes and establish rules for when to use certain actions or styles. Having a resource, such as this, will help them iterate on designs and continue to tweak the interface without compromising the user experience.

  • • Sketch
  • • Github Pages
  • • Middleman
  • • HTML5 / Sass

Results And Outcome

Our client implemented the design and user experience strategy developed by us over the course of several months.

Through the use of the component library and existing designs, the team responsible for developing Fuse, will be able to continue to iterate and make improvements as needed.

Due to the confidential nature of their business, our client wishes to remain anonymous.

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