Our Task

Made By Munsters partnered with a client to design and develop an application to help manage and rate employees. This tool replaced several different third-party applications the client had been using for some time. Its primary focus was to make employee reviews fun again, save managers time and give employees' access to their review history.

This client relies heavily on manager/employee reviews to gain insight into how they can make their business better and more efficient. These reviews are conducted twice a year and each time they follow a similar process.

We worked with a team at this client's head quarters to design a user experience that worked for the several different user roles, review types and edge cases the company had been solving for over the years.

  • • Inception Workshop
  • • User Experience Design
  • • User Interface Design
  • • Front-End Development
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Our Approach

Through user testing, user interviews and workshops, Made By Munsters developed an AngularJS platform that guided users through the review process one step at a time.

The new process alerted employees and managers when tasks were due, what was next, and what information was needed before moving on. It took what was once a paper-heavy and manual process and brought it online.

Additionally, the product made reviewing data and editing data a more streamlined process. Instead of flipping through emails or re-reading notebooks, the application pulled all of an employee's reviews together in one place. All a manager had to do was start editing.

Through visual charts, managers could see where their employee ranked in relation to their peer group, as well as, where the employee saw themselves ranked. Employees, additionally, had the ability to look back and track their progress from review cycle to review cycle.

  • • AngularJS Front-end
  • • Sass Component Library
  • • GulpJS & Bower
  • • HTML5

Results And Outcome

Since launch, our client reported a decrease in the overall amount of time needed to complete a review. Additionally, in a general survey conducted by the client, this product received a 99% satisfactory rating.

Made By Munsters and the client continue to collaborate on new features and applications needed to improve and refine how employees and managers interact with this product.

Due to the confidential nature of their business, our client wishes to remain anonymous.

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