Our Task

For the past several years we have been working to develop a more collaborative process between our clients and team members. This led us to building a new tool to fix a gap in client-agency communication we were experiencing.

While we talk with our clients on a day-to-day basis, most of the conversations revolve around smaller pieces of a bigger puzzle. We struggled for many years as a company to keep our clients up to date with a comprehensive list of our weekly accomplishments.

We wanted to fix this issue and become better at providing our clients with insight and knowledge of our progress.

  • • User Experience Design
  • • User Interface Design
  • • Front-End Development
  • • Back-End Development
  • • Mobile App Development
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Our Approach

As a data-driven agency, our first step was to study our current process. We deconstructed everything. We studied what we were doing on a daily basis and documented what clients might want to know and where we felt we were failing. Here's what we found.

Being an agile development firm, we work in either one- or two-week sprints. We plan each sprint out a week prior to beginning our new design and development cycle - this is typical nothing new here. We make this a collaborative process between our clients and ourselves.

After studying our process for a few weeks, we found the week-to-week progress was lost. While we always demo new features at the end of a sprint, our clients were unaware of all of the tasks we completed from week to week, what we were currently working on and what was coming down the pipeline. Additionally, our clients explained that merely trying to follow along with our task management tool was too hard.

Having found that our clients were interested in a week-to-week breakdown of our work, we set out to build a tool that would automate our task flow. And at the same time, provide a glimpse into our progress.

  • • HTML5 / Sass
  • • AngularJS Front-end
  • • Ruby on Rails API
  • • Heroku Cloud Hosting
“Roundup helps bridge the communication gap between our firm and our clients. It provides our clients with insight and knowledge into our firm’s weekly progress.”
Kurt Cunningham
Kurt Cunningham

Co-Founder at Made By Munsters

Results And Outcome

After several rounds of manual testing and client validation, we developed a tool that utliizes the APIs our daily tools provide. This tool pulls a specific set of data and formats it into an easy to read message. The best part about the tool, it's automated. Once a project is created in the system, we carry on with our normal agile design and development flow.

Roundup watches our task management tools for us. In fact, once a project is integrated into Roundup we don't have to interact with it anymore. And best of all, our clients no longer ask us, “What have you done this week?”

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