Our Task

Made By Munsters partnered with Schlep in early 2015. At that time, Schlep's user base was beginning to bloom and their current Squarespace solution did not provide the level of detail and automation they needed to scale properly. What they needed and wanted was a custom, responsive web application that served as both a marketing portal and request scheduler.

As demand for schleps increased, capturing a high-level amount of detail, automating and accurately pricing a request and scheduling a team to complete the request were essential to their business' success. We knew this would be our primary focus for day one, but at the same time, we needed to build a system that was smart enough that it could grow with Schlep.

In addition, we were tasked with finding a solution to their business operation needs. As any business knows, having insight into your day-to-day operation is crucial for your success. We needed to provide Schlep with this insight and help them monitor their activity.

  • • User Experience Design
  • • User Interface Design
  • • Front-End Development
  • • Back-End Development
  • • Mobile App Development
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Our Approach

Keep it simple and scalable. This was our daily motto for Schlep. Our focus was on the day one release. The responsive web application, built with Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and Middleman, focused on the request flow. As a team, we knew this feature was essential to Schlep's success. Considering the broad range of users Schlep works with, our approach was to keep the request form as simple and straightforward as possible.

Users would be able to search for and add items they needed hauled or delivered. Provide their basic contact information and schedule a time for the item to be moved. This approach worked for both everyday users and businesses who use Schlep as their primary delivery team.

To help Schlep's operation team manage daily requests, we integrated the system into OnFleet. This allowed Schlep's delivery drivers to communicate directly with clients and it allowed the operations team to manage and see deliveries in real-time.

New features, enhancements and design tweaks happen weekly. These updates are the direct result from data and analytics collected by both Schlep and us. Through data-driven development, we are able to spot issues and find solutions before losing users to a poor experience.

  • • HTML5 / Sass
  • • AngularJS Front-end
  • • Ruby on Rails API
  • • Ionic Mobile App
  • • Heroku Cloud Hosting
“We thrive on collaboration at Schlep and, thus, when vetting the options we had to work with on our technology product, knew we had to find a team that had the bend toward excellence that we thrive on, as well as, the attitudes to match. Made by Musters has fit in with the Schlep team from day one – and continues to drive our product to be top performing.”
Hunter Riley
Hunter Riley

CEO + COO at Schlep

Results And Outcome

Since launch, Schlep's user base has continued to grow month to month. In addition, they have set a new record for total Schleps received and completed each month. And because of this, their software stack has grown to accommodate and solve new problems that have risen.

Schleppers - Schlep's delivery drivers - now have an Ionic-based mobile application for scheduling and claiming new requests received. This has allowed Schlep's operations team to stop manually assigning who handles a request. Each new request is placed on a job board where approved Schleppers can claim and complete requests. Additionally, we have built Schlep a tool to monitor and record their site's analytics. They have the power to look up schlep requests by certain time periods, study trends and review revenue.

Made By Munsters and Schlep continue to collaborate on new features and applications needed to scale their business.

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