Collect User Data For Cheap

We found, over our company’s existence, that collecting data doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. Nor does it have to be a long-drawn-out, time-consuming phase of a project. As agile designers and developers, we collect data during the life span of the project. Read more

Determining User Needs Based On User Personas

As product designers and developers, we solve problems that our users encounter. Our work, hopefully, provides solutions to tasks that either take users too long to complete, confuse them or didn’t exist in the first place. But how do we determine what solutions or features are needed?… Read more

Introducing Angular Waiting Button

Ten years on from the introduction of AJAX, the web is now full of asynchronous operations. AJAX itself made those async requests feasible, while Promises have been around for a while now to make handling async responses simple. When working with single-page architecture (SPA) web apps, everything… Read more

Simulating Poor Network Conditions with Toxiproxy

Naturally, developers build apps in environments where network connectivity isn’t an issue — frequently the connections stay local to the development environment. That’s fine for being efficient while building out code, but it can also lead to a false confidence about the performance of the code in real-world situations. Read more

Standing Out As a Developer Applicant

It’s important that each member of our team contributes right out the gate. Thus, the first thing I look at when reviewing an application is how, and how quickly, a developer could contribute. Essentially, the question I’m answering is “how can they help us, and when?””… Read more