Carefully Crafted Process.

We've built and designed our process over years of iteration and client feedback. Our collaborative, agile strategy helps our clients deploy quicker, validate features, and adapt to their users’ needs as their products grow.

  • Inception

    Before we can begin to implement a solution, we must first explore the problem. We work with your team to define goals, explore the user base, and finally, create a hypothesis for the project. This initial meeting prepares each team for the work ahead by defining the metrics of success.

  • Discovery + Design

    Data drives successful products and during our discovery and design work we explore and validate solutions, test our theories on real users, and refine ideas until they are just right. Using paper prototypes, surveys and interviews, we collect data to support the design decisions we make.

  • Develop + Test

    Once we have sufficient data to support a validated design, we slot it for development. We work in two-week sprints, track our progress so you know exactly where we are at, and Q/A each feature for browser consistency and code quality before marking it as complete.

  • Deploy + Iterate

    We make rapid deployments to help expedite feature testing. If a feature needs work, we put it back into the design and development cycle for further exploration. Product development is an iterative process done over time and when done right, successful products emerge.


Made By Munsters works with a variety of companies across several industries. We've partnered with companies to build full-stack solutions to helping others discover holes in customer acquisitions. Let’s set up a time to talk about your project and how we can partner up.