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Founded in Munster, Ind., and based in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Ind. and Chicago, Ill., Made By Munsters is a full-service user experience design and
 full-stack development firm. Our team has a myriad of skills designing and developing web, mobile, interactive and print products.

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    • Clay Carpenter

      Clay Carpenter

      Director of Technology
    • Kurt Cunningham

      Kurt Cunningham

    • Joey Kirk

      Joey Kirk

    • Melvin Graham

      Melvin Graham

      Business Development Associate
    • Kira Elkins

      Kira Elkins

      UI/UX Designer
    • Josh Hamilton

      Josh Hamilton

    • Caitlyn Zahn

      Caitlyn Zahn

      Developer Intern
  • ESPN - Dream Team

    ESPN - Dream Team

    With the 2016 Rio Olympics approaching, ESPN asked NBA fans across the states one question: Who would you put on your modern day NBA Dream Team? Through various stats and scores, users received a grade based on who they thought was this era's Dream Team.

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  • Performance Review

    Performance Review

    As a company, our client uses data to optimize and improve the entire customer life-cycle for brands across the US. With their partner companies, our client focuses on discovering and building the best marketing tools for customer acquisition.

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  • Schlep


    Say hello to Schlep. A crowd-sourced platform that connects businesses and individuals who need to move large or awkward items with the muscle and truck needed to get the job done. Think of them as Your Neighbor With A Truck™.

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  • InVision's Design Disruptors

    Joey Kirk | Made By Munsters

    DESIGN DISRUPTORS is a full-length documentary by InVision featuring design leaders and product designers from...

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    InVision's Design Disruptors

    InVision's Design Disruptors

    Joey Kirk | Made By Munsters
  • A Year in Review

    Joey Kirk | Made By Munsters

    I know we're in week two of 2017, however, this is a post I've been planning to write for the past few weeks and...

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    A Year in Review

    A Year in Review

    Joey Kirk | Made By Munsters
  • Our Missing Communication Tool

    Kurt Cunningham | Made By Munsters

    Every great design and development team knows that following a well-documented process leads to better products.

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    Our Missing Communication Tool

    Our Missing Communication Tool

    Kurt Cunningham | Made By Munsters


We have developed and refined our process over years of iteration and client feedback. Our agile process helps our clients deploy quicker, focus on day one deliverables, and adapt to their client's needs as their product grows. Our process includes:

  • 01. Inception Workshop

    Before we can begin to design a solution, we must first explore the problem. During this kickoff phase, we work with your team to define goals, explore the user base, develop task flows and finally, create a hypothesis for project. This intial meeting prepares each team for the work ahead and the goals we want to meet.

  • 02. Design + Discovery Phase

    Data drives successful products, that's no secret. During our design phase we explore solutions to the problems we defined during our inception workshop, test our theories on real users and refine ideas until they are just right. Using paper prototypes, surveys and interviews, we collect data to support all decisions we make.

  • 03. Agile Development

    Once we have sufficient data to support a design, we take it to development. We work in two-week sprints, track our progress in Trello and Q/A each feature for browser consistency and code quality before moving on.

  • 04. Deploy + Test + Iterate

    We make rapid deployments which allow us to futher test features on users and determine what works and what does not. If a feature needs work, we put back into the design and development cycle for further exploration. Product development is an iterative process done over time and when done right, a product can grow and adapt as needed.

01. Inception Workshop 02. Design + Discovery Phase 03. Agile Development 04. Deploy + Test + Iterate
“We thrive on collaboration at Schlep and, thus, when vetting the options we had to work with on our technology product, knew we had to find a team that had the bend toward excellence that we thrive on, as well as, the attitudes to match. Made By Munsters has fit in with the Schlep team from day one – and continues to drive our product to be top performing.” — Hunter Riley, CEO + COO at Schlep


Made By Munsters works with a variety of companies across several industries. We've partnered with companies to build full-stack solutions to helping others discover holes in customer acquisitions. Let’s set up a time to talk about your project and how we can partner up.