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A Few Frequent Contact Us Questions We Get Asked by Potential Partners


How Do We Start an Engagement With You?

Each project kickoffs with what we call a coffee chat. This conversation aims to learn more about your goals, timeline drivers, and allocated budget as well as introduce you to Made by Munsters and our process. From there we follow up with an initial ballpark estimate and schedule a more in-depth discovery call so that we can provide you with a detailed scope of work.


How Much Does a Typical Project Cost?

We have a minimum engagement fee of $55,000. This includes up to 2 sprints of design work, ten (10) designed and developed pages, a custom WordPress theme built using Gutenberg blocks, and up to two (2) revisions for your main landing page.


What Services Do You Provide?


How Long Does a Typical Engagement Last?


What Platforms Do You Build On?


What Types of Organizations Do You Work With?


Do You Take on Maintenance Contracts?