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We are a small, tight-knit team of designers and engineers who thrive on solving big problems.

Founded in 2011, Made by Munsters has partnered with dozens of companies across a wide range of industries – non-profits, government entities, digital news & content, online education, marketing, startups, banking & financial, and health care – to design and develop products that solve problems. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on solutions that are simple to use and elegant to experience. We listen. We reflect, amplify, and enhance your organization’s mission, your audience, and your specific project.

Our team uses an agile approach and a flexible attitude to maximize client satisfaction. At this time, the Made by Munsters family is comprised of three full-time members and an extensive network of collaborators distributed across the United States who augment our team on a per-project basis.

Fusing creative strategy with data-backed design and top-notch web development

Our team members combine creative skills with deep design and visualization expertise to help organizations maximize the impact of their work. We focus on providing innovative concepts using proven open-source tools, user-centered design, and thoughtful strategies to help bring your ideas to life. We help our clients with:

01. Discovery & Ideation

Digital experiences are an investment. As a matter of fact, they take time and a high effort to get right, which can’t happen without meticulous and thorough planning. We work to understand your current problems, needs, and timeline drivers during a multi-day, collaborative workshop.

At first, we talk in-depth about your users, where they come from, how they interact with your site, and what problems they face. Then, we explore your brand’s voice and tone and how they should be used to amplify your content and connect with users in the form of messaging and a cohesive design ethos. Finally, we diligently plan your project’s timeline and significant milestones to ensure a swift launch.

02. Branding & Strategy

To make a lasting impression, you have to start by understanding your audience. For that reason, our team kicks off each brand development project by creating a strategic focus. We research, study, and analyze our partners’ markets and interview key stakeholders to understand better how consumers view the product.

Establishing an organization’s voice and tone allows our team to craft a custom, one-of-a-kind brand ethos that stands out in any market.

Moreover, our team will work with you to ensure you have the tools and weapons you need to continue to propel your brand forward. Lastly, our team creates brand guidelines, social media messaging, and print collateral for offline activities.

03. User Experience

We thrive on designing experiences that meld rich content and compelling visual narratives. This is done by studying data and collecting analytics at the start of every design phase. While we don’t know all the answers, we certainly have plenty of questions to help solve some of your toughest problems.

This insight allows us to understand your audiences’ behaviors and build an efficient tool for the users engaging with it. We focus on helping users find, save, consume, and share content in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

04. Content Creation

One of our core mission tenets is to ensure we never overlook the importance of putting content first. Understanding what, why, and how each piece fits into design allows us to craft just the right approach to amplify an organization’s mission and build engagement.

This kind of thinking increases partner engagement and allows for a seamless follow-up journey. Our goal for each project is to develop a robust content strategy that not only impresses and delights after launch but can carry an organization and its many valuable resources forward for years to come.

05. Print & Digital Design

Providing your audience with one unified design voice helps build brand recognition, authority, and loyalty. That’s why we work with our partners to create a comprehensive design system that can be applied to print and digital material.

This allows you to present your material in one way and deliver a unified user experience across all media platforms.

06. Development

We believe strongly in building platforms that perform and scale for years. Each experience is fully responsive so that we can meet audiences in any location. We place a heavy emphasis on creating performance-driven, accessible web products that serve users. We use modern testing frameworks to ensure we meet performance benchmarks and talk through the pros and cons of features with our partners to ensure they understand the trade-offs.

Our team builds digital destinations using established open-source platforms such as WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and React and also integrates with familiar third-party tools such as Mailchimp, D3, Mapbox, and others. We’re adept at making integrations feel seamless both for users and the staff maintaining the site, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best: growing their user bases.

We Have Developed a Strategic Methodology and Approach Over the Years to Produce Award-Winning Results for the Organizations We Partner With

team member hosting planning meeting

Phase 1 — Discovery & Planning

To start, we will talk in-depth about your users, where they come from, how they interact with your site, and what problems they face. Moreover, we will explore your brand’s voice and tone and how those should be used to amplify your content and connect with users in the form of messaging.

Designer studying user experience sketches

Phase 2 — Design & Storytelling

Next, we work closely with you to find your unique look and feel. Encouraging you to think outside the box but always considering best practices, performance, and accessibility. We will meet every week during the project to sync up on the latest page, module, and component designs. These mini-review sessions ensure we get proper feedback and approval before any development begins.

Developer typing on keyboard

Phase 3 — Sprint-Based Development

During the duration of the project’s timeline, our team will follow a Scrum workflow process to complete the scope of work. More specifically, this workflow comprises several daily check-in meetings, bi-weekly planning sessions, and bi-weekly retrospectives. Additionally, at the end of every sprint, we host a demo of our team’s most recent work and a question and answer session.

Two individuals meeting to discuss a project's details

Phase 4 — Launch & Future Planning

Now that your site is fully launched, and your users and stakeholders interact with it what’s next? A project doesn’t end when the final feature is deployed. In fact, we should consider this the next starting point. Specifically, upon launch, our team works to define the next phase of work. Lastly, we will create success metrics for the new digital experience and discuss changes we can make to meet these goals.

Our Services

We combine thoughtful strategies, deep design, and visualization expertise to maximize the work you do. At the present time, we’re happy to do everything below, but there are some tasks that are outside of our wheelhouse. In general, IT and other system administration tasks, such as hosting, DNS management, and email server administration are not what we do. Lastly, for WordPress hosting, we’re happy to recommend one of our preferred partners, all of whom are excellent at keeping your site running optimally.


— Brand strategy

— Identity development

— Digital and print collateral

— Brand guidelines


— Research and data analysis

— Stakeholder and user interviews

— User flows and customer journey

— Information architecture


— Adaptable design systems

— Modular-based layouts & templates

— Small to large data visualizations

— Interactions and animations

— Illustrations and iconography


— Progressive web development

— Mobile-first, responsive layouts

— CMS implementation

— Accessible web pages

— Quality assurance & testing

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