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Dare2tri is an Illinois-based non-for-profit organization. Their mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with physical disabilities and visual impairments by building confidence, community, health, and wellness through a variety of sports and community activities.

Dare2tri began working with us in early 2020 with the goal of improving their digital presence. Their major challenges were that their current website was not responsive, it did not meet today’s basic web accessibility standards, and it was hard for their team to maintain.

They sought a new digital destination that allowed them to easily and efficiently showcase the work they do in the community as well as serve as a central hub for their audience members, stakeholders, and current/potential partners.


User Experience Design

User Interface Design

WordPress Development

Storytelling & Strategy


Unlike most projects we have taken on since the start of 2011, this project faced a couple of large hurdles right out the gate: COVID-19 and state lockdowns. This meant our typical two day, in-person kickoff meeting could not happen as planned. And the goal of this workshop is to learn about our client’s struggles, strategize how we can solve those issues, and put a plan into motion that sets the entire project up for success.

So we had to get creative. Using several online resources and past experiences, we planned and strategized the design and development of this project virtually over the course of two days. In addition, we prioritized and narrowed down our workshop’s exercises to focus on the highest priority goals such as defining key audience members and creating a well-defined sitemap.

Lastly, during our virtual workshop, we outlined the following key issues that needed to be solved during website rebuild process: mobile responsive, highly accessible content, clean user experience, donation/fundraising support integration, easy to maintain CMS system, and scalable system architecture to keep the site on-brand for years to come.

Focus Areas

Responsive design

Accessible content

Boost online donations

Maintainable CMS

Clean user experience

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“Working with MBM was an amazing experience. They’re not just experts in web design and development. They are thoughtful, creative partners who put care into every page they create. As a small non-profit, we felt that MBM was truly invested in our mission. They took our vision and brought it to life with a custom site that’s easy to manage as a content creator, and a joy to navigate as a user.”

Kyle Nowaczyk, Communications & Content Manager
Custom data visulizations
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After the initial discovery workshop, our team started with a two-week design sprint. During this timeframe, we worked with Dare2tri’s team as well as several of their athletes to build a clean, bold, and web-accessible component library. We tested different fonts and font sizes as well as color variations and patterns until we found just the right combination.

Next, we designed and developed a set of templates that would ease the burden of content creation for the admin team, but still, allow users to continue to be engaged as they explored deeper and deeper into the site. One of our core focuses during this part of the project was finding ways to recirculate content throughout the site. Dare2tri has always had creative and compelling content for its audience but finding it was a struggle. We introduced post collections to help categorize content and created logical bridges between similar content types. Moreover, we built several modules that allow admins to refer to additional corresponding content from posts or pages in just a few clicks.

Lastly, we thoroughly tested the final product on various web platforms to ensure we were meeting web accessibility standards and that the new layout did not slow the site’s overall performance down.

  • 20+ Pages/Templates
  • 15 Custom Modules
  • AA WCAG Compliance
  • 1.6s Speed Index

What’s Next

Upon launch, we have continued to work with Dare2tri to improve the overall site performance and usability based on user feedback.

Additionally, we have worked with Dare2tri’s admin team to boost SEO scores and user engagement through the use of newsletters and user activation strategies.

Lastly, we have continued to look for ways to improve the site’s overall accessibility in order to ensure we are meeting our number one goal of providing a platform that is inviting, engaging, and usable by Dare2tri’s vast audience base.