• Enhancing Environmental Improvement in EJ Communities

    Last year our team, in collaboration with MG Strategy + Design and BW Research, designed and developed a platform for the Clean Air Task Force’s (CATF) Climate Equity Initiative called Climate Equity.  This pilot program was crafted to tackle the challenges faced by communities and community organizations in accessing crucial information. This spans from federal…

    Interface images of the Climate Equity project Made by Munsters designed and developed.

  • Gutenberg for WordPress Is Great, But What’s Missing

    The WordPress Gutenberg editor has evolved into a powerhouse of creativity, consistently introducing innovative features that elevate website creation. Kudos to the diligent minds at WordPress for paving the way for a streamlined web development experience. Yet, in the vast landscape of digital creativity, there’s an anticipation for missing blocks and settings. Read what we…

    Screen shot of the Gutenberg editor in use

  • Unveiling Gridible 2.0: A Revolution in Responsive Layout Blocks for WordPress’ Gutenberg Editor

    A couple of years back, our stellar team went on a mission to cook up some killer layout blocks for WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. Our grand plan? Introduce a slick 12-column, responsive grid system that not only made implementing our designs a breeze but also empowered our clients to expand their sites solo once we hit…

    Interface editing controls for Gridible 2.0

  • Create Fully Editable Page Caps in WordPress

    Note before reading: This post is for non-block-based themes. While you could use a modified version of this technique for block-based themes, we advise against it. As WordPress’ Gutenberg editor moves closer and closer to a Full Site Editor (FSE), it’s important that we continue to find new and efficient ways for clients to manage…

    Screen shot of page cap

  • Maintaining A MbM WordPress Site After Launch, From Our Client’s Perspective

    Just about the first question, every potential client asks us is, “Are your WordPress websites easy to maintain?” And to be honest, it’s a fair question. (Skip the backstory and just read the interview.) WordPress is one of the, if not the, most widely used CMS platforms used to build fully editable websites. At the…

    Dare2tri interface images

  • Style Tiles Make For Quick Design Exploration

    There are a lot of ways to kick off a new project. You might host a discovery workshop that allows your team and your client or stakeholders a chance to discuss the product’s current problems and what solutions could be implemented to solve those problems. Or if a big kickoff meeting is not possible, you…

    Example style tiles

  • Hosting a Project Kickoff Workshop Remotely

    During the last decade, our team has hosted a significant number of kickoff meetings, or as we call them discovery workshops. Over the course of a few days, our client, their stakeholders, and our team work to understand what problems our client is currently facing with their technology solution, what issues their users face, and…

    computer and note pad sitting on desk

  • Creating Flexible, Responsive WordPress Gutenberg Layouts

    We use a grid-based layout approach where we assign columns to span specific widths and the content contained within that column stretches to its parent’s bounding box. When asked to build this specific client site on WordPress, this wasn’t and still isn’t a native feature of Gutenberg. So we fixed that issue.

    screen shot of grid block

  • Trusting the Process

    As a designer or developer, how many of you have been asked at some point to take a “test” for a job or freelance gig? Just as we expected. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. What other industries deal with this? Would you test a home builder’s skill level by asking him to build a wall…

    desk with notes and computer

  • Being a Recovering Workaholic

    If you scrolled through Twitter today, you probably saw this image below promoting Apple’s “Planet Of The Apps” show. And with it, you probably saw and read many critical tweets about it, such as this. So … let’s talk about workaholism. I’m Joey, and I am a recovering workaholic. Before Made By Munsters became our…

    Man working at computer late at night in the dark